Friday, August 28, 2009

Beautiful Fabric Bowl

This beautiful fabric bowl is from the Blog Imagine Fabric where you can find the tutorial how to's. Remember to read the comments afterwards to get additional tips. This one was made with Joel Deberry fabric. Just beautiful ..don't cha' think?
Love It~

Nifty Neck Tie Purse

DevoreJones Designs
This Nifty Purse is made from recycled ties and is from Craftpod yet another awesome craft site,
where you can find a bunch of different tie crafts.
You can find DevoreJones Designs at her Estsy Store.

Recycled Magazine Fun

Magazine Sushi Magnets
Recycled Magazine Basket
Recycled Magazine Bowl

Recycled Magazine Envelopes

These nifty crafts are from the "tragically nerdy" Sara. I found her first through
Mod Podge Rocks and then went to Sara's Flickr! . Sara has a great collection of her crafts for us all to enjoy and learn from. Then I went to her website The Airing Cupboard were I learned about the site Cut Out + Keep, where of course I signed up for my own craft collecting page. How cool is that!
I found a few great places that have some how to's for the Magazine crafts.
The recycled magazine envelopes can be found at EcoMonster.
The recycled magazine bowls can be found at Cut Out + Keep.
The Recycled Magazine Baskets at How About Orange.
There.. So, go get out those old mag.s and have some fun~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've been totally inspired by Amy at Mod Podge Rocks and Angela at Tea With Friends. In the spirit of back to school this adorable decoupage clip board is so cute! Angela has a step by step tutorial for us to follow. In the spirit of saving money and recycling I'm thinking of this being a fun gift for friends, teachers gift, and of course for myself~Oh the fun we will have :-}

Saturday, August 15, 2009

See What Milkmuny Can do

These cool wallets are from the designer John Schreiber at Milkmuny.
John has come up with this whole way to help recycle the milk and juice cartons and keep them out of the landfills. Watch his nifty video as he shows us how this will be done.

Friday, August 14, 2009

More Recycled Art

These are from the Artists Harry Anderson and Smokie Kittner, from the collection "Found Object Arts". These are part of the Recycled City at the Please Touch children's museum in Philadelphia, PA. It's very cool, check it out..You'll be glad you did~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

T's for Trees

Proceeds for the purchase of this T-shirt go to planting trees. It's part of the website Supermarkett and part of their Holiday Matinee Artist Series. The designer Artist is Nikki Farquharson who lives in London, England. She's "obsessed with letters, lines, patterns, shapes and colors". Be sure to check out Nikki's brainchild Random Got Beautiful, You'll be so glad you did~

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fashionable Recycling

These two pictures are from the website EcoFriend.
They are the creative designs of Gary Harvey and part of the Recycle Now Fashion show. He's
helping to inspire the "ethical fashion revolution" He took on the "challenge to create a couture-inspired dress collection using recycled clothing".
It's amazing how the throw-ways can become so beautiful.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What to do with those cute little Bottles? has great ideas for making your own body care products to leave out the whole packaging thing.
Great ideas at Recycle This which is out of the UK and has gazillion ideas for recycling, reducing and reusing.

Today on Recycle this there was a post about recycling old perfume bottle. Check it out at their informative website. You may be on there for a while.

Putting the Trash Into Perspective

These Images are taken off the Photo Gallery at Our Planet Recycling a company in San Diego that removes recyclable trash. They have a great operation and more of recycling centers are picking up all the time. For details to local pick up check out the bottom of my blog where you'll find a link.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Skater Stools are Just Too Cool

This unbelievably creative, ( I know I say that a lot , but don't you agree?) are from one of my favorite sites Inhabitat. The creative geniuses that came up with this cleaver idea is the team of Jason and Adam Podlaski from Pennsylvania where they have their factory. As written about at Design Spotter. This dynamic Duo's company Recycled Deckstools has all the info. for purchasing your very own, and even sending in your used boards to create your own design.
They put skateboard art, trashed skateboards, and recycle them together to make functional art. How COoL is ThAt!! check them out, with so much more.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wackystuff Makes StrANge ThInGs

This creative recycled piece is by Mr. Wackystuff himself. He's taken old LP records, scored and snapped them up a bit, and has them all ready to mail, where they'll end up being in someones collection as Wackystuff Mail Art! The Imagination is a wonderful thing! Be sure to check out Wackystuff's many places of adventure, listed on his blog under Wacky Links.
Visit , Stuff By Wackystuff ,you will be glad you did~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plenty of Blankets To Go Around

This cool rug is made by Dutch designers Tejo Remy and Rene VeenHizen. This rug is made from recycled blankets, so it's not just pretty it's comfy to. This image is from the website of Inhabitat which is a cool weblog "devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future." Now, that's what we're talking about.
Check out InHabitat, You'll be glad you did~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Recycled Purse Project

These three amazing recycled material Purses are from the Blog The Purse Project.
Barb in San Diego has this really cool blog full of fun ideas, links, and how to's. There is so much info. available on Barb's blog it's enough to keep any recycling consumer busy for a while. Be sure to check out this awesome blog, You'll be glad you did~

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recycled Pup

This amazing Pup is at the website Hippyshopper-Your guide to ethical consumerism. This incredible creature is made up of plastic toys made by sculpturist Robert Bradford.