Friday, August 28, 2009

Recycled Magazine Fun

Magazine Sushi Magnets
Recycled Magazine Basket
Recycled Magazine Bowl

Recycled Magazine Envelopes

These nifty crafts are from the "tragically nerdy" Sara. I found her first through
Mod Podge Rocks and then went to Sara's Flickr! . Sara has a great collection of her crafts for us all to enjoy and learn from. Then I went to her website The Airing Cupboard were I learned about the site Cut Out + Keep, where of course I signed up for my own craft collecting page. How cool is that!
I found a few great places that have some how to's for the Magazine crafts.
The recycled magazine envelopes can be found at EcoMonster.
The recycled magazine bowls can be found at Cut Out + Keep.
The Recycled Magazine Baskets at How About Orange.
There.. So, go get out those old mag.s and have some fun~

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